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It’s all about growing your business...

Options for faster growth

Exporting and importing services

Protect your supply chain

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We’re passionate about:

  • Wales! – We are brand Wales; we are team Wales – we are your trusted team of experts in Wales
  • Business – Recognising that every business is a community, a family – you are at the heart of everything we do
  • International – Having a global reach so you can access any market
  • Being Agile – Adapting and supporting companies in an ever changing, fast moving marketplace and political landscape
  • Connections – Working with local and international partners to achieve the best outcome for businesses locally in Wales

Leading business solutions for companies across Wales


How fast do you want to grow? What’s slowing you down? What would make you grow faster?

Options for faster growth


Trade experts to help with every aspect of trading globally.

Exporting and importing services


Welcome to our networks and a world of thought leadership on issues that matter to business in Wales.

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The political clout to lobby both Wales and UK Governments on the issues that matter to you.

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The Chamber in Numbers

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